In order to annihilate the gruesome situations that automated systems of students result processing can cause, this software can conveniently handle all the gory details and rather convoluted procedures of result management in the Universities producing credible and reliable results with much ease and convenience. It removes the burden of manual computations, which are prone to errors. It also maintains an updated record of every student in a database at each point in time and gives a valid report for every student on demand. The records span from 100 level down to the final year level. The software can also generate the cumulative records of comprehensive lists of graduating and spill-over students for each academic session of the University.

The software is undoubtedly, a laudable solution to curb the inadequacies resulting from human mismanagement and provides an impressive alternative to the said task.

Platform Requirements

Portable and platform independent, Can work on the major operating systems like Windows, Mac and Linux.  With setup file is about 50mb large and installed file of 200MB, it maximizes memory usage and takes only little space on the Hard Disk.

Support: Our Support team will be available to assist with installation and custom work if modification is desired

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University Student Results Management System

  • NGN175,000.00

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