Integrated School Management Plus Results Processing System with great features:

School Management System with Complete Results Processing System for secondary & Primary Schools. Students can check results with purchased pin. Pin can be set as free or paid.
Each student logs in with Unique Registration Number & a Password.
Fees can be paid on the portal & records captured for each student.
Teachers can regulate which students gets results access Token/Pin depending on who has paid tuition fees or not.
The system comes with some school fees management features: fees can be paid by students and the records of fees paid will be captured in their respective accounts. Fees are broken into different units/types and each goes to the bank accounts assigned for each to go into.

Tokens/Pins can be purchased directly from the website by students or guardian in bulk or generated by admin & sold.
The Application comes with teachers, Parents/Students login & Admin login.
The Result Processing Software can be installed with some other school management websites frontend features added. Built with codeigniter PHP framework, MYSQL, Linux Server.

Admin URL:

Admin username:

Admin Password: password@1

Teachers URL

Teacher username =

Teacher's password: password@1
Students URL:

Student username = 2021010
Student's password: password@1
A sample token / pin will be given for further testing if you contact me online. Tokens are used to access students results. Tutorial videos on how to use the software is available too.

A complete Responsive Frontend can be given for free when you purchase the script.

View our Sample Frontend here :

A manual on how to install available on purchase.

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Online School Management plus Results Processing System

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