Integrated School Management Plus Results Processing System with great features:

School Management System with Complete Results Processing System for secondary & Primary Schools. Students can check results with purchased pin. Pin can be set as free or paid.
Each student logs in with Unique Registration Number & a Password.
Fees can be paid on the portal & records captured for each student.
Teachers can regulate which students gets results access Token/Pin depending on who has paid tuition fees or not.
The system comes with some school fees management features: fees can be paid by students and the records of fees paid will be captured in their respective accounts. Fees are broken into different units/types and each goes to the bank accounts assigned for each to go into.

Tokens/Pins can be purchased directly from the website by students or guardian in bulk or generated by admin & sold.
The Application comes with teachers, Parents/Students login & Admin login.
The Result Processing Software can be installed with some other school management websites frontend features added. Built with codeigniter PHP framework, MYSQL, Linux Server.

Admin URL:

Admin username:

Admin Password: password@1

Teachers URL

Teacher username =

Teacher's password: password@1
Students URL:

Student username = 2021010
Student's password: password@1
A sample token / pin will be given for further testing if you contact me online. Tokens are used to access students results. Tutorial videos on how to use the software is available too.

A complete Responsive Frontend can be given for free when you purchase the script.

View our Sample Frontend here :


A manual on how to install the software is available on purchase. Videos on how to use it are available too. We can also assist with installation on your purchased server.

The software can be customized on demands at an extra cost, kindly contact us for further inquiries.

Results Management System: Students dashboard overview

Visit the link below:

How to view and print Students results

School Management System: adding or importing subjects

Visit the link below:

School Management System: creating fees as admin for payments by students

Visit the link below:

School Management System: Archiving students data

Visit the link below:

School Management System: adding or importing subjects

Visit the link below:

Schools Management System: promoting students admin

Visit the link below:

School Management System: Printing Time Table as Student

Visit the link below:

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Online School Management plus Results Processing System

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